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Thank you for visiting – we hope you find the information and links on this page useful. We have listed general information for current tenants below. Feel free to select the topic you are curious about, or simply scroll through this page to read them in order.

Resident Information

  1. Referral Rent Credit
  2. Renter’s Insurance
  3. General Purpose Help Line
  4. Recycling with APM
  5. Free Water with APM
  6. Paying Rent Online


Resident Information

  1. Referral Rent Credit
  2. Receive a $100 rent credit for referring friends or family to an APM apartment.

    Each time someone you refer moves into an APM apartment you qualify for a $100 rent credit. Earn the credit once… or many times! Simply have the friend you are referring mention that they were referred when they are applying. By filling out a simple form while completing the rental agreement you qualify for the rent credit. Easy Money!

  3. Renter’s Insurance
  4. If something you own is destroyed in a fire or stolen from your apartment, can you afford to replace it out of your own pocket? What if an act on your part causes damage to the apartment building (like a leaking waterbed)? Can you afford to pay for the repairs?

    Without renters insurance the answer for most of us is no.

    American Property Management strongly recommends that each resident acquire renters insurance upon moving in.

    Please take a few minutes to get your policy started today.

  5. General Purpose Help Line
  6. You depend on 9-1-1 for emergency help… and 4-1-1 for information… apartment residents will want to be familiar with the general social service agency help line 2-1-1 as well.

    2-1-1: “The easy to remember phone number that connects people in need to community resources.”

    2-1-1 is the first number to call when seeking a wide-range of social services, including food boxes, low-cost health care, counseling, utility assistance, employment programs, and much more.

    2-1-1 is available throughout the Portland metro area.

    Telephone interpreters are available for help in more than 170 languages. Call are confidential and free.

    You can also click this link to search 2-1-1’s database of community services.

  7. Recycling with APM
  8. Recycling is easier than ever! Commingling makes it super easy. The recycling system is a simple two-sort system. One roll cart for glass items. A second roll cart for all other approved items. Please carefully avoid placing any unapproved items such as food or plastic bags in with the recycling as this contaminates it and it can not be picked up by the trash hauler.

    Recycling roll carts are located next to the trash receptacle at your apartment community. If you have any questions please contact your Rental Representative.

  9. Free Water with APM
  10. More and more landlords are passing on the cost of water and sewer to their residents. Many properties are sub-metering water meters or using an estimation system to pass the cost for water usage on to each individual resident in the same way that electricity or natural gas is paid by each individual resident for their own usage.

    You will be pleased to know that, at most properties, American Property Management does not pass through costs for water to residents in addition to rent. When evaluating your rental value with American Property Management we encourage you to compare utility costs as well. A pass through cost for water at other communities can add up to hundreds of dollars every year.

  11. Paying Rent Online
  12. Pay by E-Check, Visa, Mastercard, or Debit Card by selecting our Pay Rent Online menu item on this website. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the registration page. Once you register, you can pay your rent at your convenience.

    It is easier than ever to pay your rent!

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